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Water Saving

Water is a very precious and rare resource on our islands; using it conscientiously is the duty of all citizens to ensure a habitable world for future generations.

Water conservation in all our activities means combining our efforts to preserve a basic resource necessary for life and economic development.

Our efforts must be twofold: consumption and pollution must be reduced.

GRUPO DAC has a wide experience in reducing and controlling large water consumption through optimal regulation and the use of water saving systems.

We sell and install various quality water saving products that allow you to achieve savings of more than 50% with very little effort.


 Projects in public schools

GRUPO DAC has successfully implemented two water saving projects in 18 public schools in the municipalities of Arona and Adeje in Tenerife, achieving an average saving of 45%. Only in the municipality of Arona was more than 4000 m3 of water saved in the following year, which naturally brought corresponding economic benefits for Arona and environmental benefits for the island.

 Water saving in the hotels

One of the biggest expenditures in the hotel facilities comes from water consumption. Much of this expenditure can be reduced by educating staff and customers about the appropriate use of water and installations. This can be done through a prior audit, where the real savings and possible interventions are estimated and staff are informed about the regulation and maintenance of appropriate savings systems.

 Water saving solutions for homes and restaurants

Achieve between 30 and 60% water savings by using our water saving systems on taps, shower heads and toilet flush valves.

Our saving devices

 Water Tap Reducer

The flow reducer for taps is installed in the same place as the normal economizer, offers a flow system of different levels, fragments the water into small particles and mixes them with air. As a result, the volume of water is maintained and therefore consumption is reduced.

This type of small filter - screwed on the water outlet point - has a spiral system that causes a circular movement, thanks to the fact that the water mixes with air bubbles and increases the volume of the jet. This ensures that the output pressure is maintained.

 Shower Reducer

The flow saver for the shower is provided with a thumbed connection ½ and is inserted between the tap and the shower tube or between the tube and the wall. It guarantees a continuous volume of 8 litres per minute.

 Flow water reducer for toilet water flush unit

The economizer for the toilet weighs 120 gr. It is connected to the pipe that monitors the water output and works as a brake thanks to the weight it has and reduces the discharge time. This accessory is used in toilets that do not have double discharge.

The Company

Get to know us a little better

In 2005, DAC INSTALACIONES 2005 S.L. was created, a company whose objective is to develop renewable energies in the Canary Islands, based on years of experience in the installations sector and on the correct use of energy.

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