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Water Treatment

Water generally needs to be treated to be suitable for human consumption, and to comply with the legal requirements that regulate the matter, from the point of view of physical, bacteriological and chemical standards.

The water should not contain odours or tastes, and should be clear and chemically stable (i.e. free of corrosive compounds).

The type of treatment that the water needs, depends largely on the composition and quality of the water supply network and the quality of water that needs to be obtained.

Water treatment is fundamentally based on these two processes: physical removal of solid particles, and mainly minerals and organic matter, and chemical disinfection to kill existing microorganisms in the water.


Types of applications

 Water decalcification

The water which is supplied to our houses, comes directly from the public mains and contains lime and other substances which can be harmful for our bodies. The decalcification of water will lead to savings in energy, an increase in the performance and duration of household appliances, the elimination of remains and stains produced by lime, etc.

 Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the process of filtering lids which produces a high quality water with low mineralization.

The water passes through various filters and a membrane of small pores that does not let the suspended particles contained in the water to pass through, but the water molecules do, resulting in high quality water with a pure taste when the water leaves the osmosis system.

 Swimming pool water treatment

Nowadays swimming pools have undergone a significant technological advance, especially in terms of water purification. Chlorine derivatives are used to keep them clean, and their pH and sometimes even the temperature of the water is controlled.

 Wastewater treatment

Sewage or black water is water from the kitchen drain or the toilet. There are treatment processes that allow its reuse for various uses. According to the FAO, they are particularly efficient for irrigation.

 Grey water treatment

Due to the scarcity of water, society is becoming aware of the importance of recycling the water we consume. The daily domestic expenditure per person is 129 l and half of it is from showering and cisterns. Apart from limiting this expense, recycling systems can be used to improve consumption, taking advantage of the water already used for the toilet cistern.

Application fields


  • Proportional dosage of fertilizers, phytosanitary products, acidifiers, disinfectants, post-harvest treatments, etc.
  • Treatment of irrigation water and humidification systems.


  • Automatic and proportional dosage to correctly apply veterinary specialties (antibiotics, vitamins, acids, etc.) in drinking water.
  • Systems, products and equipment, for making potable water for animals.

 Private customers and communities

  • Water treatment, potabilization systems, proportional chlorine and Ph dosing systems for swimming pools, etc.

 Food industry

  • Water treatment and purification, equipment for applying detergents and disinfectants, etc.


  • Previous study of the technology and application to be used
  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment
  • Decalcification
  • Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Debugging
  • Water treatment
  • Maintenance of dosing equipment

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In 2005, DAC INSTALACIONES 2005 S.L. was created, a company whose objective is to develop renewable energies in the Canary Islands, based on years of experience in the installations sector and on the correct use of energy.

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