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Solar Ventilation. It finishes with the humidities

GRUPO DAC®'s solar air solution is a technology that allows hot air ventilation and dehumidification in a totally autonomous way by taking advantage of the sun's energy. This will allow you to keep your home, your holiday home, your warehouse or your factory ventilated.  With our collectors it is easy to achieve this, without having to worry about anything.

From Grupo DAC we will allow you to enjoy:

  • A pleasant and healthy atmosphere in your home
  • Forget about moisture problems forever
  • No need to connect it to the electrical system
  • No maintenance costs

Solar ventilation: how it works

  • Fresh air from outside flows through the collector, where it is heated by the sun.
  • A photovoltaic cell transforms the energy obtained from the sun to operate the fan.
  • The integrated fan brings the already heated air directly into your rooms
  • No electrical source is required to operate the system, it is autonomous.
  • You don't have to worry about anything and you can enjoy your life without any inconvenience.
  • The positive aspects of this system are: economical and simple to install, it is robust and has good efficiency in the Canary Islands.

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Solar Dehumidification

 Dampness and its consequences are a major problem for buildings.

In homes that are not regularly heated and ventilated, humidity sets in walls and other structural elements.

Solar air systems help to combat this problem by combining ventilation and heating.

More information about solar air systems

No size limits

 No size limit with Jumbo Solar

Even the largest surfaces can be treated with the Jumbo system, reducing heating costs and improving comfort by removing humidity.

More information about the Jumbo system

Fields of application

  • Private homes
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Industry where a dehumidification system is needed
  • Mountain refuge
  • Drying of malt for beer production
  • Biomass production

The Company

Get to know us a little better

In 2005, DAC INSTALACIONES 2005 S.L. was created, a company whose objective is to develop renewable energies in the Canary Islands, based on years of experience in the installations sector and on the correct use of energy.

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