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Solar thermal energy, the most efficient and economical way to heat water

A Lanzarote Apart-Hotel hired us to run five pilot installations and evaluate the energy savings in their homes in the cost of heating water.

We proceeded to install a 300 litre unit to supply water to two bungalows. To do this we opted for a high quality Austrian manufacturing system.

It has the structure completely in aluminum; the collector constructed with a labyrinth of ventilation so that the saltpeter did not destroy its interior and reduces the life utility; whereas the accumulator is made with good finished, next to a system of vitrified interior of high quality.

In short, a solar system designed for the coastal area, ideal for the Canary Islands.

With the gratitude of the property, we will return this year to Lanzarote to execute another 19 installations.


100% renewable hot water system

We were contacted from the island of La Palma to design a 100% renewable hot water system.

This is a system for obtaining hot water with a high temperature heat pump with an accumulation of 1000 litres. The electrical consumption of this system is compensated during the year with a three-phase self-consumption installation of 3360W/p in photovoltaic panels and a 4200W inverter.

A perfect match to obtain a hot water system at zero energy cost, where consumption is high.


Successful model for hotels: Solar Thermal + Solar Photovoltaic with Management System

At GRUPO DAC we are committed to energy autonomy. For this reason, we have recently collaborated with a hotel in Tenerife in the manufacture and commissioning of two solar energy installations and a domotic system that allows its consumption to be monitored.

The aim was to achieve the highest level of energy self-generation, thus reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the heating of the swimming pool and the supply of domestic hot water. The generation systems installed consisted of three main elements: a thermal solar installation, a high-temperature heat pump as a support and a self-consumption photovoltaic solar installation to reduce dependence on the electricity network.


The Company

Get to know us a little better

In 2005, DAC INSTALACIONES 2005 S.L. was created, a company whose objective is to develop renewable energies in the Canary Islands, based on years of experience in the installations sector and on the correct use of energy.

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